BoB Basket of Baskets

A Modular, Open-label, Phase II, Multicentre Study To Evaluate Targeted Agents in Molecularly Selected Populations With Advanced Solid Tumours

  • Sponsor: Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) on behalf of Cancer Core Europe (CCE)
  • EudraCT Number: 2017-005108-89

What is BoB?

  • Genomically-selected patient population.
  • Complementary modules to the Industry-sponsored trials. Possibility of high quality data for Registration if required in advanced.
  • Modular. Budget efficient (we can add modules that would not be financially sustainable outside an existing platform trial like BOB).
  • Development of companion diagnostics and therapeutics in parallel.
  • Strong correlative science (all IBASKET patients have WES/RNA seq/Proteomics).
  • Other developments already ongoing in DART (Clinical informatics).
  • Strong variant annotation and tools for patient allocation (Tumor Board).
  • Biorepository of data to enable data science.